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I'm an independent ICT-consultant living in Belgium. I've been working fulltime as a freelance consultant since February 2000. I was born in August 1976 in Ghent, Belgium.


The projects I work on as ICT-consultant all involve Unix or tcp/ip networking. I have experience with both server maintenance and development. Maintenance of servers: email (Qmail), DNS (Bind), Database (PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle), Webservices (Apache, Proftpd, ...), Firewalling (ipchains, iptables, ...), Network services (Samba, DHCP, NIS, NFS, LDAP, ...) etc.
Development: Perl, C (using tools as gcc, electric fence, gdb, strace, automake, autoconf, flex, bison, ...), PL/SQL, Shell-scripts, ...

Operating Systems

The operating system I spend most of my time on is Linux. I started using Linux in 1995. I've been using the RedHat distribution for years and am still using it on many servers. For my personal systems however, I switched to Debian GNU/Linux. In my opinion, Debian GNU/Linux is the distribution that is closest to the free-software community and that gives GNU the credits it deserves.

Other Unixes I often use are (in order of time spent on them) Irix, Digital Unix and FreeBSD. I've been working with other Unixes occasionally and tend to feel quite fast at home in any Unix environment.

Personal Projects

One of the projects I'm involved in is Its purpose is providing virtual services (DNS, www, email etc.) to Belgian organisations and companies. If you're a Belgian organisation, company or even a private person and need one or more of these services, you can obtain more information by sending email to

During my studies, I helped founding CFK (Computer Forum KaHo). It started as a group of IT-minded students with a preference for Unix.


As an experiment, I converted one of the tools I wrote for my personal use to a small opensource project. It is a command-line timesheet tracking tool based on MySQL and written in C. You can find more information about it here or download it here: ts-0.2.tar.gz.

Free time

I spend a lot of my free time on ICT related issues, i.e. developing, experimenting, reading, etc.

Whenever possible I listen to classical music, especially JS Bach ( We have two classical radio stations in Belgium: Klara and Musique3.

Finally, sport is also quite important for me. I like climbing, playing squash, running, cycling, skiing, mountaineering, swimming, ... During the week, I go climbing indoor in the climbing hall Hungaria in Leuven or Klimax in Puurs. During the weekends I can be found on the crags in the Ardennen, or in the climbing hall Bleau in Ghent when the weather doesn't allow outside climbing.
I spend several weeks in the French Alps every year. My preferred region is 'Le Massive du Mont-Blanc'. If you're looking for a guide to discover this part of the French Alps, I can highly recommend you Denis Gonzalez (you can find some pictures of him here). He's a very experienced French guide living in Les Houches. Since december 2002, he has his own site:
A part of this site is dedicated to climbing (click here).

Contact information

The preferred way to contact me is via email You can find my pgp key below.


My PGP key: kristof.asc, fingerprint: 2C8B 4927 B47E E8AD 4419 16DF 37AA 4C3D 07F1 117C

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